United San Antonio Community FCU's Second Chance Banking

At USAC FCU, you'll get a second chance. United San Antonio Community FCU's New Start Checking account id for the members who are unable to get a new checking account due to previous challenges managing the checking accounts. Services approved based upon individual credit history and account criteria. Our Smart Savings account is the ideal product for young customers who are learning the value of savings, or for customers who wish to have quick access to their deposits. With an Advantage 55 Checking Account, enjoy services and benefits that fit your present and potential needs, like money-saving medical discounts. Helping to prepare your teen for their future is probably one of the most important things you will do for them and what better way to prepare them then with the Teen Cardinal Club. No overdraft privilege is available with this account. This account will not automatically be upgraded after six months. Even if other banks have turned you down, you can still enjoy the convenience and freedom of a checking account with United San Antonio Community FCU. In addition to the high interest you will be earning. Reward Checking members, who meet all requirements, will not be charged by UCU for ATM transactions.


Website: https://www.unitedsafcu.org/newStartCheckingAccount Tel: 210-561-4500 E-mail: credit.union@unitedsafcu.org Addr: 5500 UTSA Boulevard, San Antonio, TX 78249-1622

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